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Jeepers Creatures Whitman Game!


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Carnival Doll!

Apparently this was a prize you could potentially win in a game of chance/skill!

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1974 Glow-In-The-Dark Puzzle!


There was also an "oil can" version of this one, too... don't know if it was glow in the dark or not!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Frankenstein Iron-On!

If you want to download a higher resolution version of this to print on transfer paper, simply hit the jump and download that copy!

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Dick Briefer's Frankenstein in "Utter Failure" From Prize Comics #24!

This is one of the stories mentioned in the chapter about Dick Briefer's Frankenstein in "The Comic Book Book"!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Frankenstein Word Puzzle!

Take the challenge... answers after the jump!
From the Marvel Fun and Games Book

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dick Briefer's Frankenstein #1: A Review!

OK, I'll go ahead and admit it, this entire post originally saw the light of day as four separate posts on Random Acts of Geekery back in January and February 2010... but for those of you who weren't reading that blog back then... this is all new to you!

frankenstein01-00This time around, we start looking at Prize Comics' Frankenstein Comics #1! This series started in 1945, and was edited by Joe Genalo. At Prize, the Frankenstein monster (or simply, Frankenstein) began truly as a monster – in fact, at one point in his Prize Comics career, he battled several of Prize's own superheroes! – but then the series shifted tone, the monster was calmed down, and it went from being a horror comic to a humorous one, which is where we join Frankie's career! Of course, things go in cycles, and by the time this series ended after 33 issues, Frankenstein went back to his monstrous ways! Also by that time, the book only featured a lead Frankenstein story, with the remainder of the book filled with non-Frankenstein horror tales. But at this point, the full-length stories all feature Frankenstein, and there are four in all! The cover of this issue was drawn and inked by Dick Briefer, creator of this version of the monster.