Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Power Records!


Here's some of the last "Power Records" releases, so far as I can tell! Power Records was a division of Peter Pan Records, and they originally made a splash on the market with comic book sized "book and record" sets that actually used real comic book stories (although often with some dialogue rewritten and badly re-lettered). They'd earlier done a Frankenstein one that used the first issue of Marvel Comics' "Monster of Frankenstein", but I'm not sure if the Frankenstein record here is the same record, sans book, or not! Same goes for the Werewolf one (they'd done a book and record that had the origin story from Marvel's "Werewolf By Night", too).


  1. Cool blog, man! I dig...I'd like to link you on mine...i had most of these when I was a kid...cousins had the STAR TREK one though, I was just into the monster thing for the most part!

  2. Thanks, Rondo! I've added your blog to the blogroll here, too!

    Have you checked out any of my other blogs yet? "Random Acts of Geekery" is the main blog, and there's always lots of monster stuff there, particularly on Mondays (when I present a whole mess of monster-related stuff), and usually on Saturdays (when I do my "movie of the week" post), and occasionally on other days of the week, too! Plus, every October, I'm one of the participating blogs in the Blogs Halloween Countdown!