Thursday, March 12, 2009

AHI Frankenstein Monster Figure!


AHI, aka Azrak-Hamway International, was a division of Remco, and is best known for their line of rack toys - toys that were blister-packed on cardboard with a hole punched for putting on wire racks in stores like Kmart and Woolworth's. Most toy collectors know them for their various Planet of the Apes, Super-Heroes (particularly Batman and Spider-Man) and Star Trek toys, but they are also known and beloved for their World's Greatest Super-Monsters action figures, which were designed to both capitalize on and compete with Mego's 8" action figure line. I think AHI was first when it came to monsters, and they licensed the Universal monsters, so when Mego came out with their own monsters line (The Mad Monsters), they had to use a more generic look.

Apparently several different variations on the Frankenstein Monster figure exist!

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