Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bride of Frankenstein Stil!


Happy Valentine's Day from the Blog of Frankenstein!


  1. One of the more haunting images from the Universal series, thankfully not marred by Franz Waxman's often obnoxious score (I am not a subscriber to the belief that BRIDE is the best of the sequels!). Also, just who is the actress beneath the cobwebs? It certainly isn't Elsa Lanchester or Valerie Hobson (as would be in keeping with director James Whale's wicked sense of humor), and archivists have yet to determine her identity. Seventy-four years on, it may remain a mystery...

  2. You're probably right about the actress in the cobwebs...

    I'm curious, which of the sequels do you think is the best?

  3. I recognize its faults, but GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN is a nostalgic favorite of mine. I like the fact Chaney exudes the power he does, yet isn't the mindless automaton Glenn Strange was reduced into being. It's slick, short, and it has Evelyn Ankers, my favorite of the Universal actresses. Well, next to Acquanetta, anyway.

  4. Well, nobody can be wrong in choosing their favorite, right? I love them all (warts and all), but I have to go with the majority in choosing Bride as my favorite.